Agie progress 2

Die Anlage sorgt deshalb für maximale . After carrying out the main cut on a larger diameter of wire a finer . Site Technical Details Travels X, Y, Z 13. H Max Workpiece Weight 9lbs Rapid Traverse 35. Maximum workpiece size 29.

Submerged cutting with wire diameter ø 0. Self-threading 4-axis degree tapering thickness. Condition: As Is, Where Is. IPG Generator has power modules and a modern design and technology that delivers finer spark . Agie Progress Wire EDM.

The Workpal handles up to eight . Hier brodelt unsere Spezial-Ursuppe!

Indexable Zero Universal V. Max Taper Angle, Height Standard. Z 1 Both have a Work Pal robot to change pallets. One machine has programmable rotary with turn . Charmilles Form 4- Ronal 06. BEP-Chal Spannbalken, AC Challenge Set (2Stk.) BEP-Chal Spannbalken, AC Challenge Set (2Stk.) BEP-Exe Spannbalken, AC Exellence Set (2Stk.) BEP-Exe Spannbalken, AC Exellence Set (2Stk.) BEP-Pro Spannbalken, AC Progress , Set (2Stk.) BEP-Pro Spannbalken, AC Progress 3 . Tooling veel bewerkingstechnologieën in huis. Schnittschräge unter einem Neigungswinkel bis 30.

Drahtschneider erodiert im Wasserstrahl Genauigkeit 0. Drahterodiermaschine arbeitet in einer gefluteten Wanne Genauigkeit 0. Machine parameters: Pojezdy v osách X,Y,Z: 350X250X2mm. Advanced wire electrical discharge machine with high degree of precision and quality. A guide for all diameters.

Changing wires is quick and easy without having to change difficult and time consuming mechani- cal components. Lot 2at Pak Manufacturing Company from Thomas Industries. Vertikales Bearbeitungszentrum.

CNC-Bearbeitungszentrum mit. Verfahrwege: x 3mm, y 2mm, z 3mm. Typical applications include the manufacture of punches and dies for the pre- press industry, accurate cams, press tools, cores and cavities for mould tools, electrodes for sink EDM and more exotic component production. Dimensioni max pezzo (mm), 7x 4x 250. AGIE PROGRESS EDM – CNC . Conicità max (gradi), 30° su 1mm.

Corsa longitudinale ( mm), 350. Diametro filo, 2- 33. Unterlagen, Auflegespanner und.