Agony aunt englischunterricht

Agony aunt Dear Lara, I need your help. Last week a girl told my best mate that she s fallen in love with him. Everyday Lara give him chocolates and send him on Whatsapp honey smileys.

That sounds great but the problem is he doesn t love her. I tried to told her but he doesn t listen to me. READING A LETTER TO AGONY AUNT.

Relevante(r) Deskriptor(en). Deskriptor 8: Kann aus dem Textzusammenhang die Bedeutung einzelner unbekannter Wörter und Äußerungen. An example of fact and opinion expressed in letter form. Fact or opinion worksheet preview.

Students put together the questions to a newspaper agony aunt and given by her – and then discuss whether they agree with the or not. Here you can find more ideas, vocabulary and phrases for your letter to an agony aunt or for your advice letter. In this activitity there are letters of desperate people looking for advice.

So you have a good idea about what the text will be about. Step 3: Now read the text without stopping.

Read silently – reading out loud in class is baby stuff. A letter to an agony aunt. Der Link führt zu dem Songtext. Ich wäre sehr dankbar, wenn jemand den . Ich habe mir die Beispiele inzwischen angeschaut.

Form eines ‘think tank for social justice’. Englischarbeit dein Ideenlieferant? Verändern von Piktogrammen. Dazu müssen die formalen Kriterien bekannt sein. Do you need some useful advice?

You can call us or write to us! Oatridge St, SW London. Match each photo (1-3) to the e-mails (A-C). LESSON 1: Food for thought!