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This plastic material has approval for automotive specifications from the following agencies (the number in parentheses shows the number of specifications for that agency): FORD (1), RENAULT (1), GM (1), PSA Peugeot- Citroën (1). Is suitable for processing by injection molding. Possesses outstanding thermal. About e-Xstream engineering.

Glass Reinforce Heat Stabilized. A big step towards these goals . Marke, Hersteller, Generic Name. TEREZ GT Ter Plastics, PAMXD6. Durafide, Polyplastics, PPS. Technyl, Solvay EP, PA 66.

The invention provides a modified nylon material and its preparation method. The modified nylon material is prepared from the following raw materials expressed in weight percentage: to 89. At the end of the experiment, LL Products got . Mit Glasfasern verstärkt, wärmestabilisiert. DSM Engineering Plastics. Rheologische Eigenschaften tr.

Verarbeitungsschwindung , parallel. Oil sumps made of polyamide offer great potential for weight reduction ( source: DSM). Another Tier One supplier, German BBP, has developed an oil sump . Film Extrusion, Medium Viscosity, Lubricated. Other relevant information PDF. UV Stabilized;抗紫外线性能良好;耐气候影响性能良好;热稳定性.

Antsoo俺搜-以材料数据为核心,链接产业上下游的企业与人,为用户精准推荐包括原料、改性料、颜料、填料、助剂在内的材料物性和解决方案,聚集车用新材料领域, 搭建智能大数据应用平台,为用户提供查物性、物性对比,查材料、推荐替代材料等服务. Bergamid B70G35H, hohe Wärmestab. Ultramid B3WG hohe Wärmestab.