Akulon s223

Produkt von DSM Engineering Plastics. Glass Reinforce Heat Stabilized. Is suitable for processing by injection molding. Possesses outstanding therma.

STEELKON (all products) SUPER (all products) SUPER FIRE WALL SUPER HYBOND (all products) SUPER KAST-SET SUPER-PLASTIC (all products) T BRAND MIX TA-TAP HOLE MIX 6THERMA-PIPE TROY TUYERES UNI (all products) VAL (all products) AKULON S2–C AKULON S2-E AKULON . Lichtdurchlässigkeit Datenbank-Nr.

Xinhui in China for the production of polyamide polymer. Marke, Hersteller, Generic Name. TEREZ GT Ter Plastics, PAMXD6. Akulon Ultraflow, DSM, PA 6. Durafide, Polyplastics, PPS. PA 6 DSM, AKULON S240-C, X. Approval and Application.

Numerator – Quantity Per Pack. Compound AKULON S2-D with two FTIR spectra.

DSM所提供的所有有关其产品的资料,无论数据、建议或其他信息,都是经过研究的,值得信赖的。但是DSM 对上述信息,诸如:牌号、. CE marking ENEC certificate. Operating Characteristics. Mains voltage performance (AC). Manufacturer: DSM Engineering Plastics.

T ambient (min.) – °C. T-Case maximum (max.) °C. Flame RateHeat Stabilizer.

Polyamide (Nylon 66) material filled with . ISO 527- 4 5. PA66荷兰帝斯曼 AKULON S2-E中英文物性表SGS MSDS UL证书. POLYAMIDE- -1 -1 – – -10OR -,- BAG AKULON. DSM AKULON S2-HG当前价:面议 最小起订: 25公斤 发货期限:1天内发货 所在地:广东 有效期至:长期有效 点此询价.

The hydrotalcite was DHT 4Afrom Kyowa Chemical Industry Co.