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Owner: Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel, John Asperin. Overall rank: out of 100. A pro- distributor concept . Fish oil is derived from the tissue of oily fish.

It contains Omega-fatty aci EPA and DHA. It provides marketing services for nutritional support, nutritional cosmeceutical, functional beverages, and naturacential products. The company also offers multi-level marketing services.

Philippines, – enterprise page.

One of the advantages of being in AIM GLOBAL is about the products. Aside from that, it is MANUFACTURED by the NATURES WAY, USA. FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) in . This is my Aim global Marikina Valley Review! C2contains the most number of anoxidants and phyto-nutrients in one product.

You can earn – profit on every product you sold. I firmly believe that God uses this natural products as a helpful instrument for us especially in our health. Be blessed and share the good news 🙂 . Global has been voted number one. We will Teach and Show you How to become a Generous Millionaire with less hassle.

The stated goal of Alliance in Motion is to maximize the market of its products while helping its distributors gain “financial. To provide unmatched innovation and quality distribution of outstanding products and services to local, regional and global markets. LEADERSHIP:The valor to shape a better future. INTEGRITY: Be genuine and reliable.

EXCELLENCE: To stand out and be known. PASSION: Committed in heart . Although many individuals have seen improvements in their health when consuming .

Apart from recruiting, you can also make money by selling their products. The products have not been approved by Food and Drug Authority(FDA). So you have to be careful.

Vemma(a similar program) was closed.