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This is called: VIETNAM VISA ON ARRIVAL. Following is Circular No. WELCOME TO VIETNAMVISAPRO. I have got a Visa approval letter. And I read a lot of mails on these sides.

To protect personal info, applicant can use extra service to get private letter.

Is the approval letter something you . Answered: Indian passport holder living in Malaysia. Would like to travel to Vietnam. I want to know trusted agency websites to obtain visa approval letter for Visa on arrival.

Vietnam Visa Pre Approval Letter Beiträge 7. Any that actually worked for people here. While applying for the visa on arrival, you are required to carry the following documents: Your recent photographs and it should be 2Xinches and identical. The size of the image from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head needs t.

Sometimes, we receive questions like “Why does my approval letter have personal information of strange people? May my personal information be sent to the others? The approval letter will allow you to get a pre- approved visa when you arrive at the destination. This link shows fraudulent websites which I was lucky not to use. Hi all, so is it normal to have other names of people on my approval letter.

Hard to explain, but mine and my partners names are on it with our dates and also other people who i would assume are blocked in to groups with people they applied with for. If you want to get visa on arrival, please contact with travel agent or company for sponsor then they will get visa approval letter from Immigration Department for . Answer of 4: We received our letters but they state our purpose of travel is business. Paid for stamping fee $USD for single entry or $USD for multiple entry and get back passport with visa.

However, I had chosen tourism when I submitted. Just page after page of sketchy looking paid services. Anyone got some guidance?

With this kind of visa, you – the visa applicant is required to submit an online application for a visa approval letter which functions as an official permission allowing you to board the flight and . After a few minutes, they sent me the electronic copy of the approval letter. When I received the letter , the airline let me board the plane and I thought that was it. Panic over, all set to see Hanoi.

After we went thru the immigration in Manila, I received . Have tried googling to see if anything negative came up and couldnt find anything.

The level of our advice has not . Please advise us exactly which airport you will .