Bullet weight tungsten

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Since tungsten is denser, the size of the weight is much smaller than a lead weight weighing the same amount. That means your Texas-rig will be more compact and more able to get . Be the first to review this product. Availability: Bullet weights for your Texas and Carolina rigs.

This product will give you 1points. Sie geben der Montage ausreichend Gewicht, um am Gewässergrund nach Hotspots und hungrigen Räubern zu n. They create twice the sound of lead weights, are harder than steel, and are extremely dense.

Super dense and hard bullet weights for Carolina and Texas rigging. We are Original manufacturer and professional wholesale from China for kinds of Fishing Tackle products. We are the professional manufacturer and wholesale of kinds of fishing tackle. We have been manufacturing tungsten weights ( pure tungsten ) for about years. Because it is more dense then lea a tungsten weight is percent smaller in size then a lead counterpart.

Many professional anglers have stated that the smaller, denser weight performs . Wir möchten ein wenig Licht ins Dunkle bringen und erklären die Unterschiede. Tungsten tear dropshot weights. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available. There are no inserts to possibly interfere with or fray your fishing line.

Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Bullet Weights aus Stahl haben den Vorteil deutlich lauter zu sein als die Patronenbleie aus Blei. Beim Carolina Rig arbeitet man ja im . These weights offer a smaller size than traditional lead weights and are double-dipped powder coated to maintain their paint . On the bottom of the tungsten bullet-shaped sinkers is a stainless steel corkscrew device that makes it easy to thread on soft body baits and hold them in place next to the weight, thus eliminating the need to peg the weight which can cause line damage.

These are great for catching the most fish. Price as configured: $0. Picasso Lures See other products by Picasso Lures. High-quality bullet weights from BFT for making Carolina and Texas rigs. Environmentally friendly, ergonomically designe and powder painte they make pegging and rigging simple and easy.

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