Charmilles robofil 200

Längsverstellung (X-Achse). Querverstellung (Y-Achse). I understand a bit about the files but still have some confusion also. Anyone familiar with this machine? I get files when I post from my.

Großhandel charmilles robofil 2Gallery – Billig kaufen charmilles. CHARMILLES CNC Steuerung Achse – automatisches Wiedereinfädeln. Workpiece Dimensions: 9x 5x 150mm, Max. It stopped right in the middle of a cut and I could not get it to move. The screen went blank except for a messa.

State: Very clean machine visible by . Global Machine Brokers is an experienced and trusted used machinery dealer.

Werkstückabmessungen: Aussenmasse der Maschine: . X = 3mm, Y = 1mm , Z = 2mm. Automatic Wire Threading. System 3R Dovetail Table. Equipped With Approximate Machine Weight: Ton.

Machining Range – approx: Travel in X axis: 10. Nous devrions recevoir cet article très prochainement. Its condition is use second han surplus, or refurbished. ВЫРЕЗНЫЕ СТАНКИ ROBOFIL. We offer wire erosion services and our team of highly skilled toolmakers have extensive experience in the operation and utilisation of this metal cutting technology.

Check your incoming power. Make sure that your internal transformers are set to the same as your phase. You cannot have no more that difference between leggs R-S-T and no more than difference from your incoming to your xformers taps inside the generator.

So if your phase is 4vac, . Bonjour Je cherche des informations pour utiliser ce type de machine à électro-érosion. Cela fait plusieurs années que je travail sur des machines à file mais jamais de cette maque.

UK supplier and UK Support. Robofil 10 2, 33 40. Fully compatible operation. Compac dial indicate 215G.