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Chocolat-Chocolat offers the largest selection of Chocolate Polycarbonate Molds and chocolate making supplies. Do not hesitate to contact us for all questions about our products. Truffle molds, filled center molds, sucker mol bark molds, dessert cup molds, chocolate bar molds, chocolate mint molds, Valentine chocolate molds , Easter chocolate molds , Christmas chocolate molds. Chocolate Mold Suppliers – a list that can help you find molds for your chocolate making.

Chocolate molds (or moulds) have been around since chocolate consumption moved from predominately drinking chocolate to predominately eating chocolate with the discovery of the conching and tempering processes.

Learn from Ecole Chocolat about making gourmet chocolate with molds. Find great deals and get free shipping. The Brunner product range from chocolate moulds , such as Easter Bunnies, Santa Clauses, or moulds for chocolates, chocolate bars to baking tins and ice cream scoops – injection moulds, hand moulds, spinning moulds, etc.

But what else should you know? Large collection of chocolate molds for confectioning candies, bars, figurines, lollipops. Various shapes and sizes. Molds are made of polycarbonate, various plastics and silicone.

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You need to be able to find the right chocolate molds and equipment. Read our list of the top chocolate molds that chocolate makers purchased last year. The largest selection of chocolate molds available. From Christmas to Easter and everything in between.

Quality plastic candy molds made in the USA. Find all the chocolate molds you need all in one place! Find your favorite chocolate candy mold at Wilton. CHOCOLATE MOLDS , CANDY MOLDS , SILICONE GANACHE MOLDS.

Index page of the mold catalog. Explains details on the molds and how to navigate the mold catalog area. Very detailed and extremely well made.

A wide assortment of high-quality candy molds and chocolate molds are now available. Select from our unmatched designs for a lip-smacking cake everyday. Due to growing popularity, we have expanded our silicone chocolate mold collection.

Tired of your chocolates getting stuck in your molds? Bend the silicone and pop out your chocolates easily without breaking or cracking your confections.

Oxo Good Grips Garlic Press. Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Lid Lifter, Red. PME Cupcake Wrapper Hearts, Re Cups per . Hundreds if not thousands to choose from! These are molds made for molding Chocolate mostly candy coating and should not be used with high temperature candy making. For high temperature Candy Molds , please check the hard candy molds category on the left.

We have candy coating molds for every theme and . Prices for chocolate moulds. Inspire Silicone Chocolate Heart Mould R69. Tescoma Delicia Choco Chocolate R1from stores. Kitchen Craft Hoppity Does R49.

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