Delaware division of corporations

To retrieve information on a Delaware entity, Key in the name of the entity you are searching. The search will return both active and inactive entities from our database. The information provided in this application is real time and reflects the information on our . These forms pass the Adobe Accessibility Standar 5Federal Standards and WCG Guidelines.

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Want to know why over of Fortune 5companies are incorporated in Delaware ? Our service makes it easy and convenient to file in. It has been the most important jurisdiction in United States corporate law since the early 20th century. Over of publicly traded corporations in the United States and of the Fortune 5are incorporated in the . Staff members will be departing at 11:a.

At that point, the system will be shut down and we are unable to secure filing dates. This schedule change will .

Corporal, Quotations Specialist, Director of Human Resources and more! Please note the updated times below. Delaware has an Annual Report that is combined with a Franchise Tax for domestic corporations. Limited liability companies, limited partnerships and general partnerships file no annual report, but file an annual flat-rate tax.

Delaware Nonprofits, LLPs and LLLPs file just an annual report. During organization process, there is no obligation to provide this . According to the Delaware annual report, Delaware is the corporate home to of the Fortune 5companies and half of all U. New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. After creating a profile or when clicking on the New Search button, you will find yourself in the Search form. File a Certificate of Formation. Payments by wire are not permitted.

In addition, if you are paying by check, the State of Delaware will . The Delaware Good Standing Certificate is an official document issued and bearing the seal of the Delaware Secretary of State that certifies that the legal entity is registered with the State of Delaware and is compliance with all state required reporting and tax formalities. Prior to filing a corporation or LLC in the State of Delaware , it is important to ensure the corporate name is available with the state. At times, this fee changes a little.

That particular form costs only $to file, $more if you need a certified copy.

Division of Corporations.