Dieses Verfahren ermöglicht die Produktion hoher Stückzahlen . Innovation within moulding technology is what makes us the global leader providing equipment for foundries all over the world. The DISA series of vertical green sand moulding machines set the standard for spee quality, reliability, cost. Treten Sie in direkte Verbindung mit dem Hersteller um ein Angebot einzuholen und um den Händler in Ihrer Nähe zu finden.

Disamatic Molding Machine in Operation.

In order to ensure a high-quality components, it is important to control the manufacturing process of the moul so that it is homogeneous and stable. Tooling plates are usually made of cast iron, using inserted or mounted patterns. The pattern inserts are made from cast iron, stainless steel or tool steel, and are fully machined on CNC mills or lathes. The gating is commonly made from aluminum or brass.

Lovink works with the best equipment. Each is equipped with an automatic pouring installation and a modern electric melting furnace, fully tuned to the process. Our machining deparment is equiped by latest standard and operates with . In the green sand process, stabilization of the mulled sand is achieved by sprinkling the return sand from the casting process with water for a time in a drum cooler, adjusting the moisture content to approximately 2.

The DEM model is calibrated by a ring shear test, a sand pile experiment and a slump test. Subsequently, the DEM model is . These sand moulds are typically used for casting metal parts, such as brake disks , crank shafts and engine blocks used in the automotive industry. Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Material Technology, Piotrowo Street, Poland.

Corresponding author: robert. Fonderie industrielle de fonte grise à graphite lamellaire et sphéroïdal. Située à Niederbronn-les-Bains (67). Petites, moyennes et grandes séries.

Abstract: A retention mechanism for an injection head wherein the injection head includes a feed tube capable of use with an injection bell and an injection plate wherein the bell and plate carry clamping apparatus actuable to secure the plate to the bell includes an actuator mounted on the feed tube and a force transmitting. Our automatic production line produces precision parts with a fast manufacturing cycle. Cast iron, alloyed cast irons and heat-resistant steels.

Particularly suited to the requirements of the steel industry, incineration and biomass-fire boiler sectors. DISAMATIC BLOCK CASTING 6X 480. Automatic casting with inductively-heated casting oven.

Advantages and special features: Least dimensional tolerances through precise machine . By using a fully automated core . This technology brings new ways of boosting efficiency, increasing productivity, improving the quality of castings and increasing savings, while striving to improve the general conditions of work and ensure the employment of sufficient workers and resources.

Earnings CalendarEvents. to StockTwits to save a watchlist for easy access to your favorite stocks. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. This process is commonly used to mass manufacture of metal castings for the automotive and machine industry.