Duraform gf

A glass-filled engineering plastic with high stiffness for durable prototypes and low to mid –volume production parts that require elevated stiffness and heat resistance. Werkstoff aus glasgefülltem Polyamid zur funktionalen und physika- lischen Prüfung von Bauteilen unter Endbedingungen. Gehäuse und Verkleidungen.

Glass filled nylon built using the SLS or LS. Glass-filled polyamide (nylon) material for real-world physical testing and functional use. Housings and enclosures.

Consumer sporting goods. Appropriate for low- to mid-volume rapid manufacturing. DuraForm GF plastic for rugged thermoplastic testing.

Duraform GF is ideal material for Low Volume Production and Direct Digital Manufacturing of end use parts which require toughness and higher impact strength. Parts can be made quickly with a high degree of accuracy and are a very economical vs traditional manufacturing processes. With no tooling required parts can be . Durable prototypes that require elevated stiffness and heat resistance. Enclosures and housings that require more stiffness.

Aircraft and motorsports parts.

Glass-Filled) answer this need. Rapid Manufacturing at the Keyworth Rapid Manufacturing Limited. Low to mid volume direct manufacturing of end-use parts. Outstanding functional performance. Ein glasgefüllter technischer Kunststoff mit guter Steifigkeit, erhöhter Temperaturbeständigkeit und isotropen Eigenschaften.

Our 3D printing services produce high-quality prints with quick turnaround. Select from the filters to help narrow your search. We can convert your CAD files into 3D objects, dimensionally accurate very fast, using the selective laser sintering method. This material is ideal for thermally stressed parts that require actual testing . Prototipi durevoli che richiedono rigidità elevata e resistenza . It is an ideal material for the . Weitere Bilder sehen Sie im geschützten Bereich.

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