Egg molds

Shape hard boiled eggs into rabbit or bear faces with this easy to use egg mold. Place a just cooked shelled hard boiled egg into the mold bottom, slowly close the top and secure. Put egg and mold into cold water.

After minutes, remove and slowly open the mol revealing an egg with a rabbit or bear face. By no means a good video, but you get the gist.

You should really try using egg molds though. Something fun from the archives, in keeping with Easter. So until then…enjoy your weekend! YOU WANNA Make Breakfast Fun And Cook Eggs Everyone Loves To Eat? Egg molds are a fairly . Hard-boiled egg shapers.

One of the most utilised item in a bento lunch box is the egg muold! Have you ever tried using egg moulds ?

Maki from Just Bento shows us how these molds work: after you hard-boil the egg and peel it, wet the plastic mold with cold water, place the egg inside, close the fastener until it clicks, then place the mold in a bowl of cold water for at least minutes, and voila! You have a fully formed hard-boiled egg. You will never make eggs the same.

These tools make breakfast fun to cook AND fun to eat! Made of 1 food grade silicone, these molds can transform any egg into a frog, cat, smiley face, and much more! While also keeping the delicious and simple taste that everyone loves. Just place a mold onto your skillet and cra.

Give your meals a spooky touch using this skull egg mold. Simply place any peeled hard boiled egg into this food-safe plastic mold and it will magically. These Japan-inspired eggs molds enable to make square eggs that fit perfectly in a bento box and more precisely in the MB Original lunch box. Chocolat-Chocolat offers the largest selection of chocolate molds. Do not hesitate to contact us for all questions about our products.

Excellent design gift for your lover as well as your family. Easy to clean and enduring performance. Have a lovely egg mold , a fried egg will be filled with fun.

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