Flexible resin

Users can choose Standard resin for astonishing detail and low cost parts, or a Functional resin for something a little different. Manufacturers of 3D polymer. Affordable Daylight 3D polymers for Liquid Crystal and UV 3D polymers for DLP and SLA 3D printers. Use this versatile material to produce parts that need to bend and compress.

Handles, grips and overmolds.

Cushioning and dampening. Flexible simulates an 80A durometer rubber. Items printed by this resin can return to its original shape after compressing or bending.

Please click on “ View Cart” first to . We want to save you money by offering you affordable alternatives to more costly resins. Print setting is super easy. The material have been developed and extensively tested by the professional RD team. In addition to providing printing quality with superior details through optimization of stereo-lithography techniques , the new .

It makes parts that are bendable and compressible. Supports print resolutions: 1and microns. Dieses flexible Kunstharz ist biegsam im dünnen, stoßfest im dicken Zustand. Mit diesem neuen funktionellen Material fügen Sie Ihren Prototypen eine neue Dimension hinzu. Issues may occur during peeling if you move from a layer of large surface area to a layer of small surface area or vice versa for example, if printing thin features like embossed letters or extrusions on a large, flat surface.

Try to match the touch . XYZprinting Nobel Superfine Resin 2x 5ml. This study deals with the impact property and damage tolerance of matrix hybrid composite laminates with different laminate constitution. The matrix hybrid composite laminates consisted of the laminae with a conventional epoxy resin and the laminae with a flexible epoxy resin modified from the conventional resin to avoid . Liquid epoxy resins that achieve both flexible toughness and high reliability. Push the boundaries of 3D printing by creating parts that are bendable and compressible.

Parts are pliable when thin and resilient when thick. By burying the AgNWs below the surface of the transparent resin matrix which was cured at 1°C in air, we achieved a uniform, highly transparent, conductive , flexible film. Innovative, versatile, and limited only by imagination, flexible resin brings revolutionary possibilities to 3D printing.

With the ability to create functioning, bendable, interactive parts, flexible resin pushes boundaries for engineering, prototyping and design.