Hytrel 5526

Hytrel with various other thermoplastic polymers. Produkt von DuPont Engineering Polymers. Medium modulus molding grade. Contains color-stable antioxidants. Good balance of properties.

Seals, packing, and gaskets. Tubing and hose, Wire and cable jackets,. It contains a color- stable-stable antioxidant package. It is specially recommended for injection molding. THERMOPLASTIC POLYESTER ELASTOMER.

It is light stabilized and contains a non-discoloring stabilizer. Possesses good melt sta.

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The apparent dielectric constant increases with decreasing temp. UL Prospector makes substantial efforts to assure the accuracy of this data. Dielectric Permittivity (Constant): No.

Du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc. Thermoplastic elastomer,ether-ester. General Product Information.

This SDS adheres to the standards and regulatory requirements of the United States and may not meet the regulatory requirements in other countries. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Shore containing non-discoloring stabilizer, plasticiser free, high performance resin for injection molding, high flow, good impact resistance down to -40°C as well as mechanical properties up to 120°C.

Injection Molding Grade. When an antioxidant, such as a selected secondary aromatic amine additive, is employed with a blend of thermoplastic polyester elastomers, the extrusion range window of at least one of the elastomers is altered to the extent that the blend can be uniformly melted and extruded.

Low modulus extrusion grade. HYTREL is a registered trademark of DuPont. Tradenames and Synonyms.

The polyether-ester block copolymers combine many of the most desirable characteristics of high-performance elastomers and flexible plastics.