Ice luge temple run 2

Independent channel – Get ready for a cold snap! The smash hit mobile game. New Challenges and More!

As its name suggests, this expansion brings with it winter, an appropriate theme for these long dark December days. Temple Run : Biggest Update Ever! It is most likely based on a sub-Arctic frozen tundra with lots of frosted obstacles and even a frozen river slide.

Obstacles include ice shards. Coin Master – Collected 10Coins in one run 1Token Hunter – Found a Token 1Token Machine – Found Tokens 1Token Collector – Completed a Token set 1Washed Away – Survived the Waterslide 1Tunnel Tour – Survived the Mines 1Slip n Sled – Survived the Ice Luge 3 . Welcome to Frozen Shadows! Guy, Scarlett and the gang find themselves in a forbidding new lan full of new obstacles and challenges. There are new characters, new obstacles, and new costumes to earn and equip.

As in Sky Summit, you run, jump, slide and tilt in Frozen Shadows to overcome obstacles and evade the Demon Monkeys. This new frozen area will feature enemies in the form of Snowy Demon Monkeys, new outfits for your characters (so that they can stay warm), an ice luge , frozen forests, and more. A cold wind is blowing….

Surf the ice luge , race across the frozen forests, unlock new outfits, and above all, beware the snowy Demon Monkeys which lurk behind every corner! Inside this latest update, players will find new adventures and surfaces to run across, including an ice luge and frozen forests. Not only will you see new landscapes, but Imangi has included new outfits . As the first entry in a slew of updates that are set to hit the game over the next year, players will find themselves slipping and sliding through ice.

This means the developers still have . Players will be happy to see brand new surfaces to run on, like surfing on an ice luge , running through frozen forests, unlock tons of brand new items of clothing or outfits, and we even have a redesigned scary monkey . As the trailer shows, Frozen Shadows (somewhat obviously) takes place in a frozen, totally new, temple. Additionally, new ice luge segments will have players not only running, but also sliding through the game world running from demon monkeys which this time around look a little yeti-ish. It includes an ice luge , kind of like a Winter Olympics bobsled track with a few obstacles to jump over, that players can surf through. Although the controls are easy to get the hang of, the developers littered the environment with a variety of obstacles designed to make your character die a nasty death.

Update Fixes black screen issues on Tegra devices. Now your avatar is running in under Frozen Shadows. Thew new update also brings a number of new updates.

Imangi co-founder Keith Shepard mentions future plans.