Ice luge

Some are professionally produced from sculpturing or from molds, and some are homemade. Ice luges are sometimes offered in ice . Barbuzzo Ice Luge (Double Track) – Just Add Water. Talk about an ice breaker!

This large mol looking like a luge course at the Winter Olympics, fills with water, pops into the freezer for hours to thoroughly freeze, and creates the most-talked-about party centerpiece in years.

Standard License. Sometimes it’s fun to challenge ourselves. An ice luge is a large banked ramp. Break the ice at your next get-together with is incredibly fun party ice luge. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze.

The two built in ice chutes not only chill your shots, they also ensure a night of fun as you. Every party provides drinks, but they are not always served properly.

We recommend serving your liquor over an Ice Bar, or through a Ice Luge or Beverage Tower. Make your party a unique and memorable experience for your guests! Most events serve drinks and have a bar of some sort. Shop Party Ice Luge at Urban Outfitters today.

We carry all the latest styles, colors and brands for you to choose from right here. A block of ice that has a curving channel carved out of it. The block rests at an angle so that a beverage, typically beer, will travel down through the channel into the mouth of a happy drinker. Funnel Style and Traditional Ice Luges availible for Ravens football, Orioles baseball, private parties and corporate events. We do no discriminate against other teams outside of Baltimore!

Pick up your quick luge at any of our locations. We have options available. Single Track Anvil Luge tall x long x wide pounds $ 80. PLEASE ADD DATE, LOCATION AND TIME YOU WISH TO PICK UP. Pick Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Frederick, $80.

Ice Luges Are packed in an insulated wrap and come with the set up to alliviate messy melting. Our luges are unique and the hit of the party!

They come with two trails and decorative carved sides. They are wrapped in insulated bubble plastic with a driptray and styrofoam . Custom Liquor Bottle Luge. Drink Dispensor Spigot Luge. Custom Ice Luge 30×30: Custom Ice Luge 30″x30″. James Bond Themed Ice Luge 30×30: James Bond Themed Ice . Ice Luge Doctor in Long Islan NY, offers unique, memorable ice sculptures and ice luges.

Take advantage of our top-of-the-line party accessories. A large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through it used to cool a beverage for drinking. Select targeted languages.