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I am using InstaMorph which is a workable plastic.

It is very strong and easy to use for most. In other words, once you heat it up, it acts similar to modeling clay. InstaMorph is a lightweight polyester thermoplastic which becomes moldable at 150ºF. When it cools, you are left with soli hard plastic. For April, Instructables was kind enough to send us at CRASHspace a bunch of InstaMorph thermoplastic to play with.

The build night was a lot of fun and birthed a ton of little projects, which on their own would make for rather thin tutorials. This instructable is to share the things we came up with, as well as .

If you are making a sculpture or figure you can free-form the material by hand but if your creation requires flat sheets or elements it can be . Costumes, masks, and props that have utilized InstaMorph in their construction. See more ideas about Moldable plastic, Sugru and Arm guard. Similar to nylon and polypropylene in toughness. You get a bag of plastic pellets, put them in 160F water, and they phase change, becoming soft and moldable. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Insta Morph is a pretty remarkable material. And as it cools it hardens in whatever shape you made. Really neat product with infinite possibilities. Reheat to remold once more and again.

InstaMorph – Moldable Plastic – oz Heat, mildew, and use in a few minutes. Perfect present your the handyperson, . We especially like the part were she throws the costume armor (or a cat ear?) against the ground. Polycaprol Kunststoff, Beutel a 1gr. Create plastic parts in your own home.

Instamorph moldable plastic for cosplay.

Visit our website for instructions, projects, and more! What is Polycaprolactone? It is a non toxic, biodegradable and light weight polyester thermoplastic that .