Japanese ice ball

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Imagine having to cut up a gigantic slab of ice using handsaws, knives and picks, whilst knowing that one slip could mean a trip to the hospital. Or freeze juices and use the balls to keep a punch bowl cold. Note: We recommend simply pouring water gently over both sides of the mold.

Great for home and professional . The Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds makes 2. For comparison, the Wintersmiths model creates 2. Ryu Fujii from Bar K in Osaka makes ice balls a day for serving Whisky and cocktails. Japanese mold produced 2. For that they use these metal machines to turn huge ice cubes into ice spheres using nothing but brute force. Recently the cocktail ice trend has gone spherical.

Witnessing this hand carving technique is fun and entertaining.

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This will chill your whisky but, as it melts more slowly than traditional ice cubes, it will not dilute it as quickly. When you’ve prepared the perfect drink, regular ice cubes just won’t cut it. Why should the ice in your beverage be clear and spherical? Aside from resulting in a better looking cocktail, worthy of your favorite spirits, there are two key reasons:Slower-melting: The surface area to volume ratio of a sphere is less than a cube of the same size or several smaller cubes. Less surface area means th.

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