Kefentech plaster

Salient Features Effective analgesic transdermal patches. Excellent safety profile. Indications Musculo skeletal Inflammatory conditions like.

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Compare prices and shop online now. Click to view detailed . Marketed By: Matrix Pharma (Pvt) Ltd Generic Category: NSAID Ingredients: Ketoprofen Transdermal Plaster . Incredible shopping paradise! See more ideas about Health, Health care and Korea. Korea and marketed by WooShin Medics, Co. In Myanmar, Hnin Shwe Taung Co.

Kefentech Air Singapore.

Ltd Imports and distributes as authorized distributor. To be purchased froSouth Korea. In rare cases, anaphylactic symptoms ( hives, dyspnea, facial edema, etc.) may occur. Therefore, if such symptoms occur, stop use of this product. Asthmatic attack may occur.

Arthritis including osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, Myalgia, Pain after trauma, Inflammation. Pain Relief Relieving Patch Plaster Ketoprofen Arthritis Muscle Pain. Ltd offers wide range of products which includes kefentech plaster. It belongs to dermal patch(otc) category. Contact us for more information.

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