Limited liability partnership

Am ehesten ist sie mit einer deutschen Kommanditgesellschaft ohne Vollhafter zu vergleichen. A limited liability partnership ( LLP ) is a partnership in which some or all partners ( depending on the jurisdiction) have limited liabilities. It therefore exhibits elements of partnerships and corporations.

Im Cache Diese Seite übersetzen 29. Whether you notice them or not, limited liability partnerships are quite common. Often your lawyer or your accountant will have the acronym LLP after a list of names as in “Howser, Hunter Smith, LLP. There is only one class of partner (general partners).

The degree of liability limitation for an LLP varies from state to state. A limited partnership is similar to a general partnership except that it has two classes of partners. Limited Liability Partnerships. The general partner (s) have full management and control of the partnership business but also accept full personal responsibility for partnership liabilities. Learn the difference between a limited liability company and limited liability partnership and the protections limited liability provides.

See how to avoid double taxation through pass-through taxation. Partners are only liable for actions resulting from their own conduct on behalf of the partnership.