Lusin clean g320

Ready-To-Use Granular Purging Compound for Screws,. Cylinders and Hot Runner Systems. Including Hot Runner Systems and Extrusion Lines. Want to find out what Chem-Trend can do to help you?

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The compound consists of high grade plastic with additives and contains no abrasives. Color change and removal of black spots – Formulated for engineering grade polymers – Technical parts processed up to (320°C) – Custom injection molding of performance parts. Purge compounds are extremely.

Die Lusin Reinigungsgranulate gibt es für Spritzgiessanwendungen, für das Blasformen und für die Extrusion. Basis sind hochwertige Kunststoffe mit speziellen Additiven. Sie enthalten keine abrasiven Bestandteile und sind damit ideal für Heißkanäle geeignet.

The purging compound consists of high quality thermoplastic resins as well as highly efficient cleaning additives and does not contain abrasives.

Die Firma bietet auch Lusin Clean G 3für technische Kunststoff wie PS und ABS an. LUSIN CLEAN G3jest gotowym. C i dysz wtryskarek do termoplastów. Acceptable for use in the food industry where there is no possibility of food contact.

Anwendungsfertiges Granulat für technische Kunststoffe im Spritzguss. Einsetzbar bis 3°C, geruchsneutral. Materials with a melt flow index over 15. Automotive interiors, bumpers. A keverék adalékolt magas minőségű műanyag alapanyagot tartalmaz.

Nincsenek abrazív adalékok benne. BOLETIM TÉCNICO DE APLICAÇÃO DE PRODUTO – Chem-Trend Hemisfério Sul. Adequado para todos os plásticos de engenharia que operam à temperatura de processo de até. Entfettet und reinigt gründlich. Universal Reiniger und Verdünner.

Speziell für Werkzeugreinigung in der Kunststoffindustrie.

Zur Ultraschallreinigung geeignet. Für Schnecken und Zylinder von. Thermoplastspritzgießmaschinen und . Date, Indian Port, CTH, Item Description, Quantity, UQC, U. US Assess US C O O, Duty.

DATE, HSCODE, PRODUCT DESCRIPTION, QUANTITY, UNIT, ASSESSABLE VALUE INR, FOREIGN COUNTRY, INDIAN PORT. Allround typ, passande till alla plasttyper. Processtemperatur upp till 3°C. However, a mold corrosion protection must be applied immediately after cleaning with a clean cloth. Another Lusin Clean product is G 31 which is used in the automotive industry because it was developed specifically for polyolefin chemistry, including PP, PE, and TPO.

The company also offers Lusin Clean G 3for engineering-grade resins such as PS and ABS.