Lyman slug

Der zuverlässige Slug für Flinten im Kaliber mit einem ausgewogenen Geschossgewicht von 5grs. Making those fine 5grain sabot slugs like casting HUGE air rifle pellets. Hollow bases can also be used for Hollow Points in some cases.

Lee 1-Cavity Slug Molds are a great choice for reloaders looking for a quality mold at an affordable price to help produce slug ammunition for less th. Shop with confidence on eBay! Slugs are designed to use standard hot wads with fold crimps.

Seat the wad into the case over the powder charge first, nd then insert the slug into the wad and fold crimp. Wie mir gerade gerüchteweise bekannt wurde läd hier jemand die lyman sabot slugs im kaliber da das (aufgrund der optik) meine favoriten fürs kaliber laden waren, ich mich aber nie. Ganz grob: Slug 15ctBecher 2ctPulver 15ctZünder 4ctMacht 36€ pro 1gegenüber 60€ für Fabrikmumpeln. Gauge, 5grs, Single Cavity.

Sabot slug mold to be used in conjunction with a standard target wad! Sabot type slugs have been popular with pinpoint accuracy hounds for years. Does not include handles. The molds are then heat treated (that is why they are blue in color) and feature hardened steel alignment pins to provide many years of bullet casting service.

Für den eigentlichen Ladevorgang benötig man verständlicherweise auch eine Presse.

Dazu reicht die Lee Load-All II völlig aus. Mit dieser Presse kalibriert man . During the last decade I have conducted numerous projects focused on these big, heavy, slow moving, metal chunks of raw power, examining everything from their potential accuracy . Each dual-cavity mould includes a built-in sprue cutter to. I finally did some more testing and I think I can rest easy now. Lyman slugs – Target Achieved!

I am NOT building loads or doing measurements of FPS or any of all . Requires double cavity handles. The mould is then heat treated (that is why it is blue in color) and feature hardened steel alignment pins to provide many years of bullet casting service. Vorteile schont Läufe und Chokes hoher Energietransfer am Ziel verminderte Abprallgefahr Durchmesser ca. For top reloading, the mold offers hardened steel pins for alignment to ensure years. I have just begun to get serious with this slug , and loads.

I will be very interested in some of the other members loads and componants. I fired these in a smooth bore, . BECAUSE WE HAVE ZERO CONTROL OVER .