Molten speed wax

I used to use Performance brand wax on my bicycle chains. Just microwaved the glass wax jar, dipped the . Learn how to wax your bicycle chain. Ask our experts your chain waxing questions.

Purchase MSPEEDWAX, top finisher out of lubes in Velo magazine test. Tuw83vvnU Ähnliche Seiten 08.

Hochgeladen von Ronald Kuba In this video I talk you through my MSW application process. Discounts provided the more bags you order. To obtain discount select the Amount you require ( LB – bag, LB – bags etc) and use quantity of 1 . I had tried that Wax-based Squirt Wax and it made a huge mess of my cassette and jockey wheels.

I bought a Friction Facts chain last year and it was tested at oh 4. I bought the wax, and completed the whole process from start to finish. It started when I got hooked into finding the fastest lube. Utilizing DuPont PTFE, highly refined paraffin, and the smallest . Shop with confidence on eBay!

Lubricant – Molten Speed Wax. We have everything you need from bike accessories to specialized bikes. Molten Speed Wax offers premixed wax with the teflon and MoSadditives in an easy to use, packaged product. This was my 4th year racing the Almanzo 1and its become a yearly tradition for myself, my family and a few friends.

It all started with my dad seeking out the newly created gravel scene in Minnesota, and with his excitement, momentum started between myself and several friends, also drawn to the event. A hot melt paraffin chain wax that aims to provide high levels of drivetrain efficiency while repelling dirt in even the most demanding conditions Paraffin is premixed with PTFE and molybdenum Prevents grease tattoos from chain For racing and training Requires crock pot to melt wax Chains waxed per bag: training or 16 . Retail Stores in Portlan Oregon and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. MSPEEDWAX is a hot melt bicycle chain lube featuring unparalleled lubricity and dirt repellency made from paraffin, PTFE and moly powder. That was my experience with MoltenSpeedWax. to receive sale and event info from us. Using fully refined paraffin, DuPont PTFE and the smallest micron size molybdenum available, our hot wax lubricant clings tenaciously to chains but not to hands, clothes, carpet or car.

Say goodbye to constant drivetrain cleaning and chainring tattoos and hello to personal bests. Join the clean chain revolution by cooking up . Product qualifies for Free Shipping. Reviews, specifications and low prices for The Speed Wax Race Powder Chain Wax, 55g Jar from Molten.

Feature:Strip chain of grease and oil before waxingChains waxed per bag: training or raceFor racing and trainingIncludes cable tie to reseal b. Hot melt paraffin wax chain lube.