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Produkt von ALBIS Plastic GmbH. Bay Kleinanzeigen: PaGf, Kleinanzeigen – Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Kann verarbeitet werden duch spritzgießen und ist verfügbar in Nordamerika. Eigenschaften beinhalten: Gefettet.

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Datenblatt, Sicherheits- datenblatt. Grilon BG-has the following important properties: Good surface finish Good balance between strength and toughness. Glasfaserverstärkung, Füllstoffe beim Gewicht.

Nylon nylon super tough high strength with glass fiber. It has natural and black color two kinds,. Stück Ventilatorflügel in Ausführungen inkl. Material: PP-Copolymer, PAoder PAGF30.

BASF is now one of the largest plastics producers worldwide and has an extensive range of styrene-based products, polyurethanes, and engineering plastics.

New and highly efficient technologies and production processes combine with optimized production systems within a unique logistics structure, making BASF . IDES setzt sich dafür ein, die Genauigkeit der Daten zu gewährleisten. Polybest PD GFSZ-1. PA , glasfaserverstärkte Spritzgusstype. Streckspannung, ISO 52 –, MPa. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Heat stabilize lubricated for injection moulding. Perfect balance of thermal and mechanical properties. Hermann Sprenger KAPPE TR PA- GF15. We use the PAGFmaterial in the following processes:.

Tagen – astra riadiaca jedn. Glass fibre reinforced injection moulding grade for housings (e.g: automotive mirror housings). Also used for wheels of mountain bikes. Physical form and storage. The product is supplied dry and ready to use in moisture-proof packaging.

Durethan BKV H resin can be processed on all conventional injection molding machines.