Plastic alternatives

PVC) is recycled each year in the U. More eco-friendly alternatives are out there though. Ready to meet of them? Why must we transition from plastic -based materials to biodegradable alternatives ? Beyond noticeable everyday plastic pollution, the methods of extracting.

Learn over alternatives to plastic , everything from toothbrushes to hard hats.

Most supermarkets offer plastic bag alternatives today. The nylon ones can be folded up into a pouch and small enough to . And yet, we all know by now that plastic is pretty bad for the environment. You want to buy organic to do right by the planet. But some genius has choked your good intentions to death with a thin film of plastic.

And start nodding at a fresh, delivered-to-your-door, . Advances in bioplastics mean they have ever more uses in packaging – but do they encourage a disposable culture? Coca-Cola criticised for failing to address plastic waste problem. However, when out of amounts to .

Alternatives to Plastics. In our new Information section you will find information on various plastic alternatives , how safe they are, and whether they can be easily recycled. A few examples of plastic alternatives include glass, ceramic, stainless steel, . Tagen – Buy these alternatives to plastic and keep your family and the planet in good health. These plastic -free bags, boxes, and wrappers are available on Amazon.

Plastic is a major source of health and environmental problems and over trillion plastic bags are thrown away each year! Try these healthier alternatives ! Although plastic as we know it was introduced less than 1years ago it has quickly become a staple in our everyday lives – from light switches to cars to computers, plastics are unavoidable. Plastic Free July is the perfect opportunity to find permanent alternatives to the disposable plastic items that have taken over our lives.

Or to at least live with less of it ? Check out this list of plastic-free and less plastic alternatives and see for yourself. The list is not meant to be overwhelming but simply to show what is possible. Choose a few that seem doable and that will . This is a guest article from the Million Women community, written by Katie Liew. There are approximately 5plastic bottles of water consumed per second worldwide, and less than of those are actually recycle with ending up in our oceans and landfill.

When these bottles do eventually . Compared to cloth, paper and lightweight plastic bags, green reusable bags use less materials, generate less CO(a greenhouse gas), consume . This is a platform to explore alternatives to single use plastics – in the shops, in. According to EcoWatch statistics, the average American throws away about 1pounds of plastic each year.

An even more staggering, almost every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in some shape or form. Just in terms of plastic bags alone, about 5billion are used worldwide which.