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This month, she returned to Haiti to continue her art therapy work and also help solve the plastic pollution problem. We had a great Skype chat all about her plans, and she sent me lots of pictures to share on this blog from previous trips. This site has evolved from a simple blog (formerly known as Fake Plastic Fish) to a comprehensive resource on plastic -free living.

Please explore, join a . Stay up to date on the latest innovations in the world of plastic packaging, and read perspectives from a wide array of leading industry experts.

Dealing with changing consumer attitudes, getting serious about recycling. I was starting to feel the weight of the project more and more heavily, and I eventually decided that I needed to live like everyone else for a while. Unrelate I also wanted to mention that I did a 3blog last year, . I buy loose tea in general, but use tea bags at work because of its brewing convenience and I then compost the bags.

However, I recently wrote to the producers of the tea . Deshalb habe ich mich entschlossen, meine Blogs zusammenzulegen. Ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel Freude beim Lesen meiner Einträge und .

We are working couple in the UK with two sons in full-time education. Plastic Free Times Stay up-to-date on the latest research, effective actions and opinion pieces from the movers and shakers in the fight. My name is Alexis, and welcome to my blog ! I set up this website hoping to catalogue a challenge I set for myself: to live without creating any plastic waste. When I first heard that there was plastic in tea bags, I was shocked.

Kate Armstrong – aka Polytheen Pam – explains the material origin and recycling mission of her Huddersfield-based blog. Two years of plastic free living … or to be more accurate, trying actively to NOT buy new plastic for two years. A bit of a mouthful and maybe why the term “ plastic free living” is a more memorable phrase. Going Plastic Free as an individual is tough. Hats off to the business owners experimenting and getting creative to reduce their impact.

My month without plastic is now over and you can read about my conclusions here. This blog will remain in the archive but will be closed to new comments shortly. Thank you again for all your comments.

Refill has now spread to many . It all began with a starfish story. Keep coming back to my site and check for updates right here on the blog.

Stunden – Earlier this week, the world marked Earth Day, the theme of which was plastic pollution. Read on for how it all began. Environmental organizers around the globe are calling for increased awareness of plastic consumption and its protracted environmental effects, and hope to achieve a dramatic reduction in plastic pollution by Earth Day . I have written about plastic in prior blogs.

Technology is a wonderful thing until its dark side is appreciated. True tales of litter picking, plastic pollution woe and plastic packaging angst. As a marine biologist, watching our global plastic pollution problem grow and grow and grow is fascinatingly horrifying. Just the amount is incredible—million tons of plastic packaging is produced every year, and around one-third of that ends up in the ocean.

Arne Ragossnig has been engaged in the waste management sector for years, including in academic, private and public sector positions. You can check out all of our PFJ blogs and articles, or get started with one of these: easy steps to quit plastic (from The Rogue Ginger) – Follow these five everyday simple choices and you will find quitting single use plastic seamless. Helpful tips to finding . Blogs about the issue of plastic pollution and what we can do to help reduce it.