Platsil gel 10

Viskosität gemischt (mPas) . Translucent White, Durometer, Stretchy (9)Platinum Silicone Skin Material. Use for casting life-like appliances for special makeup effects. May be pigmented with silicone pigments (see additives).

Also great for making small, super fast one piece molds to avoid seamlines.

PlatSil Gel formulas are all water -white. This silicone is most often used to make prosthetic appliances. Die frisch angerührte Masse bleibt für etwa ein Drittel der Topfzeit selbst verlaufen bis sie gemächlich zu einer pastösen, streich- und spachtelbaren Konsistenz wechselt. Führt auch bei im Formenbau . In this tutorial we show how to create a. Many of our doll making and FX customers like to make piece molds with Gel – and then cast more Gel.

To color add our Flesh.

Polytek offers an array of accessories that work independently or in concert to . It features a very fast cure spee 1:mixing by weight and a very low Shore A Hardness (approx 10). Platsil Gel is similar to Gel in . It can be used with a range of thickeners, retardants and accelerants, and is the industry . It cures to a Shore Ahardness. Save with an account and get free shipping on qualifying orders.

PLATSIL GEL Mouldlife Guru Makeup Emporium Ltd. It delivers flesh like , it is quick and easy to use and has a neutral translucent colour. But I was always curious about how it compares to Dragon Skin from Smooth-On because I know so many people are casting with that one. Well I got a job to cast a . Its translucent colour means that its pigmentation gives a fleshy appearance.

It is fast to process and can be speeded up, making it ideal for production parts. It comes in two components. Here is a relatively easy method of modelling and casting puppet hands for stop- motion animation, with the wire armature encased within the silicone cast.

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It is quick, easy to use, and has a neutral, translucent colour which can be coloured with ease. This is the film industry standard prosthetic product for special effects applications. It is an addition cured part silicone rubber that cures at room temperature.

It has a fast cure and and very easy 1:mixing by weight. It is also extremely easy to pour as it has a viscosity of only Shore hardness (approximate), which is very .