Standardtypen und -abmessungen. The RenShape line provides the user with a wide range of performance characteristics and cost alternatives. Abmessungen auf Anfrage möglich).

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From modeling, styling and low-density foam board to foundry boards, fixtures, prototype metal-forming and even. Note: Boards must be clean, free of dust and other contaminants. Apply the adhesive evenly to all surfaces that are to be bonded. Ramp down by no more than 10°C per hour following the cure schedule in reverse until the oven . Measured average values, given for information purposes only.

Sales of the product described herein (“Product”) are subject to the general terms and conditions of sale of either . I was in a fit of nerd glee the first time I used tooling board. Epoxy board for pre-preg tools.

Very fine surface structure. Excellent machinability. Good dimensional stability. Heat resistant up to 140°C. Lay up tools for pre-pregs. Data control and cubing models.

Dieses Material hat eine geringe Dichte und ist beständig gegen organische Lösungsmittel. Seh leicht bearbeitbar, feine Obenflächenstruktur, Dimensionsstabil. Blockmaterial, geeignet fräsen von Urmodellen. Geeignet für Urmodelle, Cubinmodelle und Arbeitsmodelle. The following RenShape boards have been cut to manageable sizes for the individual user.

The boards listed below are off list price! While supplies last, limited to stock on hand. Please note: board dimensions are listed at minimum size.

RenShape is a specialized board used where higher temperature stability is required. It is of medium density, but has an excellent thermal stability.

Advantageous when exact dimensional tolerances, sharp corner and edge retention and excellent surface quality is important. Used in the production of Vacuum forming tools, . EP, PUR Kunststoffe von Huntsman. Informationen zu Renshape.