Teenage agony aunt letters

In this activitity there are letters of desperate people looking for advice. They have written to Agony Aunt Anne and are waiting for an answer. Elicit the types of problems teenagers can have – drugs, self-image, smoking, alcohol, and so on.

Make a list on the board. Introduce the idea of writing for help, i.

If possible, show real examples. Another possibility would. Students put together the questions to a newspaper agony aunt and given by her – and then discuss whether they agree with the or not. It can be difficult for mothers to let go and allow their teenage daughters more freedom. Zelda reads all your letters but regrets that she cannot answer them all personally.

Teenagers with alcoholic parents need to talk to other adults so their concerns are not forgotten. A popular magazine for teenagers in Singapore has been forced to apologise after its agony aunt was accused of victim-blaming in her reply to a letter about rape. This is a page with four problems that teenagers may face and a hypothetical.

I intend to use this with YSEN on the topic of love and sex. I have provided both problems and for discussion, but you could delete the and the pupi. She was friendly and funny, and I really looked forward to her calls each night. We finally arranged to go away for the weekend and as soon.

OUR agony aunt gets to the heart of your sex and relationship problems. Hi im arwa and i have a crazy time going on for me. For Teens by PetitePal with 5reads. Dedicated to Chelsey_xoxo thank y. You are to write to an advice column in a teenage magazine called Agony Aunt.

You must not only write the letter for advice but also write the reply. AGONY AUNTS HAVE one of the hardest jobs. This unplanned pregnancy. Imagine trying to give this lot a satisfying solution?

Source: Free- jokes-online. Nice suggested answer there, but no. Here at My Agony Aunt you can read letters from other people suffering with problems just like you, the letters we publish cover everything from relationship advice, marriage advice and teenage agony aunt letters. You can not only read the letters you can also post your suggestions on what people should do, maybe you .