Tygon material

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines for biocompatibility. This material is non-toxic, non-hemolytic, and non-pyrogenic. This formulation is used in minimally invasive devices, dialysis equipment, for bypass . PVC Kunststoffe von Saint Gobain – Norton. We have several search tools, listed above, that give you more efficient methods to reach the information that you need.

These Tygon tubing material categories are:.

Murdock Industrial distributes different formulation and style combinations of Tygon tubing in base material categories. The tubing may be made of different plastic compounds composed of the following materials: silicone, PCV, polyurethane, fluoropolymers, thermoplastic elastomers and . Physikalische Eigenschaften. It is heat sealable and can be joined without fittings. It also offers excellent resistance to . MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET.

Manufacturers Name: Saint-Gobain. The plastic tubing is not designed for use as an implant material , but it is suitable for use in peristaltic and vacuum pumps, incubators, gas lines, and drain lines, among other applications.

Plastic tubing is used to . Overall Length (Metric), 15. Betriebstemperatur (metrisch), 54°C. Verpackungseinheit, Pack . Lieferant: Saint-Gobain Performance plastics. Auch diese Ringe bedürfen oft einer Einweichung in Mineralöl vor Anbringung auf dem Stentschaft, da sie aus demselben Tygon – Material bestehen. Zusätzliche Modifikationen stellen eine spiralförmige Einbuchtung zur Minimierung von Wanderungsbewegungen sowie das Anbringen von strahlendichten Markierungen an . AIMS: To compare the durability, failure mechanisms and spallation performance of Tygon S-65-HL with two potential new ECMO tubing materials.

Clear, flexible tubing suitable for specialty chemical production and hazardous material handling. Schlauch für die meisten anorganischen Chemikalien im Labor. Er ist nicht oxidieren nicht kontaminierend und undurchlässiger als Gummischläuche. Die glasglatte Innenwand verhindert Ablagerungen und erleichtert die Reinigung. When your application demands the highest standard for tubing but your budget is more geared toward the economy option, Thermoplastic Processes has the solution.

Our highly engineered lines of Tygon tubing equivalents provide the top-level performance you need at a . Microbore Transfer Tubing is for use with the Manostat Carter Variable Flow pumps. Refer to the database for the latest updates, details on device applications, and information on manufacturer-specific material grades. Hello, I am looking for material properties of Tygon , especially thermal conductivity.