Vibrato polycarbonate saxophone buy

Zuerst natürlich zu uns zum Testen! Da es als Bausatz kommt, ist es erst einmal eine Herausforderung für unsere Werkstatt. Wir werden in einer Bilderserie den Zusammenbau dokumentieren.

Ihr könnt dann entscheiden ob Ihr es selbst bauen, oder ob Ihr das fertige Instrument kaufen möchtet. Sounds like a sax , just a little harsher, and more plasticky.

Meaning, less bright or high frequencies, more high mid and mid frequencies, and less lows. Great for accoustic band play or orchestra. But this sax is less loud than most metal saxes I own (does not have resonators in the valves). I presume the silicone caps absorb.

Covers your purchase price and original shipping. Afor $57 and the A1S for $675! What happened to that beautiful Under $2price tag?

I could find a good quality student or used . Vibrato A1S – The Nude III New. Does anyone own one and what do you think of these? I personally bought this sax less than two months ago from the. Amazon price history for. for price drop alerts and begin tracking this product by completing the form below.

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All in all the sound is pretty impressive for a plastic sax ! Randi Abel meses atrás. I feel the brass sax has more texture to the soun rather than the vibrato sax. Avery Walston meses atrás.

Vincenzo Di Gioia meses atrás. Liam Young is also the branch manager of sax. Complete with Mouthpiece and.