Whiskey ice ball

Sponsored by iRobot Shop now. Frequently bought together. The Original Whiskey Ball – Jumbo Ice Ball Mold. Spherical Ice Ball Maker by The Whiskey Ice Co. How to Make Whiskey Ice Balls.

No one enjoys serving that perfectly aged bourbon, rye, or malt with a cloudy ice ball that is filled with impurities. Clean up your whiskey ice balls to serve a more aesthetically appeasing drink. Why are bartenders using spherical balls of ice in drinks, nowadays? Is it just to impress you? What is the purpose of putting one big ball of ice in a drink and how is this different than using some ice cubes?

Should you ask for spherical ice , if it is available? Is there a practical way to make these at home? Our whiskey ice ball press is the finest, most fully featured ice ball press in the world.

Take your whiskey to the next level! Easy to use, sure to impress – The Whiskey Ice Co. The easy to use tray makes jumbo ice cubes that are the largest in its class , measuring 5. Silicone rubber bottoms allow easy removal ice balls. No more twisting, banging, and running under water to get the ice b. I drink my whiskey on the rocks. Big Boss Joe Brown calls me a little girl when I say that (like, with ringlets and bows).

Summer time is a great time to enjoy a cool cocktail. Any time is a good time to enjoy a glass of whisky. If you take your whiskey on the rocks, the last thing that you want is quick melting ice that will water your drink down. Compare these ten round ball ice molds and choose your favorite to save your whiskey from drowning in . Large square ice cubes have become popular at bars all over, but nothing is slicker than a ball of ice for your cocktail.

Fill mold with water, place on container, then slide the sleeve over the top and place in freezer. More clear ice ball experiments and techniques can be found on my site. Got the DIY clear- ice – ball rig dialed in finally. Which would you rather have in your whisky ?

A post shared by Mike Senese . Enjoy your whiskey undiluted with this flexible silicone ice ball mold. As you begin to pour a fresh glass of whiskey , chill your spirits without dilution in our Oakmont personalized whiskey glass with ice ball. Place the slow-melting ice ball in the specially-designed rocks glass, .