Wire edm

Basic introduction to the wire EDM and high-speed small hole EDM processes. Short, interesting video on the. The wire, which is constantly fed from a spool, is held between upper and lower diamond guides which is centered in a water . Machine highlights: All Makino EDM products utilize the modern Hyper i control system that provides the same streamlined . This is wire EDM (electric discharge machining), a process that can .

EDM drill services along with standard and non-typical wire EDM services are offered to a wide variety of customers in numerous states. Find out how the next generation Makino machines work. Precision Micro is one of the only etching companies in the world to offer WEDM in-house. Combining WEDM with photo etching means component profiles can be cut to tighter tolerances and achieve unique characteristics such as tapered edges.

WEDM enables the profiling of thicker, surface etched components to 3mm. FANUC ROBOCUT is an extremely versatile wire electrical discharge machine that reduces cycle times and drives down unit costs. Need a machine that provides more accuracy and less cost of operation?

If you need wire EDM cutting we are one of the most capable and affordable sources and we can get the job done right.

We stock a wide variety of materials, use state-of-the-art machines and diligently follow all design specifications. We continually strive to improve and optimize our processes . If paraffin wire is used on the W- EDM machine that is specifically calibrated for non-paraffin wire , the characteristics of electrical discharge machining may be adversely affected since the wire travel system will become unstable due to sliding, etc. Wire EDM Cutting Service. Das Werkstück wird auf einen Systemträger (Spannvorrichtung, Klemmelement) befestigt und gerüstet.

Und schon kann produziert werden! Die palettierten Werkstücke werden in . Our wire electrical discharge machining process ensures precise of the highest quality. Extrusion dies and blanking punches are very often machined by wire cutting. Electrical discharge machining is a non-traditional manufacturing process that uses an electrode or electrified wire to remove material from the workpiece in order to obtain a desired shape. Choose Owens for these and the best in CNC services!

There are many areas inside the typical mold shop where productivity can be improved. The most obvious place to look at certainly might be the wire EDM ( WEDM) itself. When was the last time the machine had a tune-up or a filter change?

Just like your automobile, if you do not take care of certain items, poor performance . Mastercam also has features for better and more productive EDM work.

You can also offset it in reverse.